Hi, I'm Eston. I am a computer scientist by day and an electronic musician by night. I write scores for animations, and I enjoy collaborating with other artists.


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coming soon to a lofam near you

(as with other songs of this type, credits will be in a separate post)

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reblob for people who weren’t awake like, 6 hours ago

Rebloggin’ once again because I can’t stop listening to it, and I want to leak share Poinko’s shiny track art for it.

Emissary of Dance track art by Poinko

Expect more even amazing arts and musics like when LoFaM 3 releases.

Hey look it’s a thing I made! With a bunch of cool things that cool people made! Nice!

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My fourth commission for my field trip, for Eston, or siasinsilence. I’m very proud of this one, it took the turn of RPG battle theme for some strange reason but I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

Hey my friend made a cool thing! You should give it a listen.

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I found something while looking through old project files. It’s been too long since I’ve posted any form of music, so I cleaned it up a bit just for you.

Jit, you might remember this, considering you’re the one who originally wrote it.

steamlord313 asked
Is this your album of elaborated-upon scrap submissions, or a totally original thing? Either way I am excited.

Yep, still working on the scrap album! I managed to fit each submission somewhere, so if you sent me something, it’s in there.

I guess I’m still chipping away at this thing. The good news is it’s finally starting to take shape! I’ve started all the tracks at least. The bad news is I completely failed at finishing it as a 2012 new year’s resolution.

I guess I’m still chipping away at this thing. The good news is it’s finally starting to take shape! I’ve started all the tracks at least. The bad news is I completely failed at finishing it as a 2012 new year’s resolution.

myhugezoldyck asked
how did you start making music? electronic music has always been an interest of mine but i've never been sure how to begin.

Welcome! Music has been a big part of my life since my parents asked me if I wanted to take piano lessons in first grade and I said “Sure, why not?” I think my first exposure to composing music was back in high school when I downloaded finale notepad because someone sent me some sheet music. I had an open-ended assignment in my English class, and I decided to write some music for it. The song was atrocious, but people liked it enough that I was encouraged to keep writing. One of my friends pointed me towards FL Studio around that time.

I didn’t start composing seriously until college, though. My freshman year, it was my only musical outlet. I remember spending a month or more composing something in the free, project-saving-disabled version of FL Studio, being careful never to close the program so I wouldn’t lose my work. Through suggestions from friends, eventually I moved on to GarageBand, and then Reaper.

There are way too many musicians out there who will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started, but from my experience, it’s most important to actually work towards it rather than thinking about working towards it. I would say get your hands on any sort of software you can, even if it sounds crappy. Take songs you like and try to arrange them by ear. Take a music theory course if you can. Get others to listen to your work. Take their advice if you think it will be helpful, but don’t be afraid to disagree. Stop reading blog posts about writing music and start actually writing music. Start right now. Write music every day. If you are truly passionate about it, it won’t be a chore.

Whoops, sorry, those last couple sentences were mostly directed at myself.

Sburb OST was finally released! Here is my track, called Waking the Beast, which was a collaboration with (you guessed it) Yan. I finished this track ages ago, so I’m glad it’s finally out in the open.

Dear Stanford Department of Graduate Admissions,

Thank you for your interest in recruiting me to your graduate school. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer you an application at this time. I am applying to a record number of schools this year, each showing exceptional promise; it was difficult to make a final decision to say the least. Since there are so many graduate schools to which I am not applying, I cannot give you a specific reason detailing why your school was not chosen. However, please keep in mind a limited budget and high application fees demand that I only apply to schools that are likely to accept me. I encourage you to send recruitment materials again after I complete my master’s degree, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.